Nick teaches the 1 Giant Mind “Being” Meditation Technique in a "3-Day Learn to Meditate" course format. It is a powerful technique that is so simple to learn and causes a major reduction in stress and fatigue whilst also rapidly expanding self-awareness which is the catalyst for creating any long-lasting change in our lives.

The course is taught in 3 consecutive sessions lasting 90 minutes each day. This course is for you if you find it difficult to tame your busy mind and you desire to be a calmer, more peaceful, resilient and happier human being! Some of the many benefits that you might experience include:

  • Reduced stress

  • Increased energy/health

  • Improved sleep

  • Enhanced focus and self-control

  • Improved clarity

  • Greater sense of calm

  • More present in THIS moment

  • Increased happiness

  • More positive outlook

The 3 day course includes life time membership/access & support to Nick plus you are welcome to re-sit future meditation courses to further deepen your meditation practice. When you have completed the course you will be an independent/self-sufficient daily meditator which will result in being a more loving/compassionate human being/improved version of yourself!! I guarantee it will be the BEST return on investment as it is the gift that keeps on giving!! :)

Meditation Course Structure

Session 1

Introduction to Meditation. Learn about the mechanics of stress and how it impacts our thoughts/emotions/behaviors, understand the nature of the mind, learn the meditation technique that reduces stress/fatigue and expands self-awareness as well as the learning about all the amazing potential benefits of meditation that result from a consistent meditation practice. Meditate together. Plus homework assignment which is to meditate on your own the next day prior to the next session.

Session 2

Discuss the homework findings. Meditate together. Take a deeper dive into perfecting the meditation technique plus learn how to build meditation into your daily routine as well as overcoming the many obstacles that will arise along the journey. Homework assignment is to meditate again which is already starting to build independence.

Session 3 

Feedback on homework. Meditate together. Meditation technique Q&A. Discourse on the topic of BEING, the importance of self-awareness and cultivating more love in our lives. Final homework challenge —> meditate for the next 60 days straight so the meditation habit can stick in order to see the maximum benefit of this powerful practice.

Meditation Course Calendar