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Ask Yourself:

Is there an area of my life (eg career, health, lifestyle, emotions, relationships, spirituality) that needs improving?

What are the major stresses in my life right now?

Does my work bring me satisfaction?

What is holding me back from making progress?

Are my relationships supporting me?



"The secret of success is consistency in purpose." - Benjamin Disraeli. There is always something we would like to change in our lives, but the steps and support system needed to get there is the challenge. Identifying the pieces to the puzzle and finding purpose in why we do what we do is the first step in preparing an effective game plan to accomplish your desired lifestyle. Nick works closely with his clients on developing the winning mindset, maximizing energy levels, bringing focus and intensity towards goals, and ensuring consistency and accountability with the application.



Going through a career transition? Want to change roles/companies/industries? Want to better align your strengths with your passions in order to be more fulfilled on a daily basis? All of these changes can seem extremely daunting and we often don't know where to start. As a successful recruiter for Fortune 500 companies and fast growing start-ups and an example of making the career transition into his passion which showcases his unique talents, Nick provides his clients with insightful advice on what the top companies are seeking in their staff (and in the interview process) and he assists in creating a strategic plan on how to obtain your dream job that utilizes your strengths and is more satisfying.



Your health is your greatest wealth. It's crucial to align your mind, body and soul to maximize your full potential. If either your mind or body runs ineffectively your goals remain just dreams. Through his experience as a professional athlete plus his learnings from meditation and yoga, Nick coaches his clients on how to increase energy levels by developing positive habits through diet, exercise, breathe, minimizing stress and managing emotions, in order to realize one's full potential.

“Happiness comes when your work and words are of benefit to yourself and others” - Buddha